Decor Ties Your Event Together

Decorating the Venue Makes Your Event a Standout

Whether you are hosting a wedding dinner, social event or even a business meeting, simply decorating or adding a little decor can really add a WOW factor to your next event at Country Lane Lodge, Central Iowa’s best indoor and outdoor wedding and event venue! Your decor doesn’t have to be complex to be effective; in these pictures, simple greenery,  white accents and metal containers tie all the accessories together for a beautiful look!

Decorating the Event Venue - Des Moines Area Wedding and Event Venue

Decorating the Event Venue - Indoor & Outdoor Wedding and Event Venue

Decorating the Event Venue -Central Iowa Wedding and Event Venue

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Not looking for a wedding venue?  That’s ok, we do lots more than just host weddings and wedding dinners! We are also able to do all kinds of events from anniversaries and family reunions to corporate meetings, fundraisers and more. That’s what makes us Central Iowa’s Best Event Venue!

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